" What it is, what it shall be & what it will become"

Taking up Quality Space"

Taking up Quality Space"

Monday, January 21, 2019

Four Tenors

Kinda-sort-o busy

Four Tenor Uke with bodys closed up now.
  One in Koa, two in Zizicote and one in Ovangkol....Thes will be split between my
model China and Chatanika named after local rivers...greg

Below our new buddy Jack !!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Don't Forget 2 Note

Coming along a bit slow....

 A Chena Model and #2 of the Chatanika Models all Tenor Ukes...g

Some roughed-in necks and my home-made
JackPlane via 100 year old Stanley frog

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I'm back

Back in the shop now for the last few months. Revamping the shop to strictly a luthier existence.
  So whats going on,,, is a somewhat production-run of 4 maybe 5 Tenor Ukulele's. In Zircote, Koa and Ovangkol. Rooted in my Tenor design model Chena and a new design model the Chatanika. Thats it.

    I'll post some pics soon.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Yes yes I know I've been missing in the luthier stuff...I'm back and I will settle in on all things Ukulele.....Been off building things for the last year and a half, big fancy barn, two
kitchens and a 12.5 ft RV trailer for the wife and I...
   "I'll Be Back"          gp

Model/Classic 0 in RoseWood

Model/Classic 0 in RoseWood
three piece bk & sound port


A batch of various Bridges with Mammoth Ivory

E-Chena Uke (Electric)

E-Chena Uke      (Electric)

Recent Tenor Ukulele/sound Port

Recent Tenor Ukulele/sound Port
Model Chena Uke

Rosewood & Myrtlewood/Square neck Resophonic

Rosewood & Myrtlewood/Square neck Resophonic
Resonator lap-slide guit