" What it is, what it shall be & what it will become"

Taking up Quality Space"

Taking up Quality Space"

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gypsy / Hibred

My Gypsy Hybrid
 Just pretty well completed what I call a Gypsy Hybrid considering it has a tailpiece and floating
bridge. These photoes now are of it going thru initial set-up,,,I'm now playing it for this past week and tweeking it along the way. Having an Ebony saddle in the slot is helpful.. "Oh,, and its punchy"
I'll have more completed shots in the near future....g
    contact ;     gpacetti@mosquitonet.com

Its certainly punchy on delivery....!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Model North Rim / Ziricote / Seth Model

 Just completed another Model North Rim/Seth Model
In memory of a great guy and great guitar man Seth White,,,hence forth if I build this model in Ziricote wood it will be known as the "Seth model". I started this instrument a few years back, got the body closed up, heard of Seth's passing and was stunned and just put it on the shelf for another year and a half. Then finally got with it again. Seth was very interested in this particular guitar.......

 The pictures could be better but this will have to do.....

Ziricote B/S, Sapela 5pc neck (maple cherry Sapela), Side sound/port 
Very figured Sitka Spruce top, African King Wood Bridge (rosewood)Hipshot tunersAfrican Mahagony binding, Abalone rosette, headstock veneers both sides Rosewood/Maple
The instrument is still settling in, very new and exceptional.....and by the way the guitar 
has some of Seth's ashes within. "May the force be with you"


Rosewood bridge pins, Greven Pickguard & Brass strap button
Fingerboard/Ziricote wood with understated pearl inlays (snowflake & Diamond) . The finger board is a raised fingerboard for a little better access to the upper frets. The nut & saddle is fashioned from 10,000 year old
Mammoth Ivory

Friday, November 6, 2015

Time Enough !

Well finally got the time out of the day-job to get to the Spray/finish booth....

        "What It Is"

    Tailpiece for the Gypsy/Hybrid acoustic guitar
Very much handmade 1/16th brass, string mounts
are modified brass end-pins soldered in place.

Three Tenor Ukes with one having a new body
shape, a little bigger but not as dramatic as the picture reveals....then there'e the cute butt/Graft.
I was also able to get 2 guitars sprayed as well..

  Later,,, Still Remaining..........g

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#3 Ukes' & #1 guitar

    Update; !

 "In the zone"  with 3 Tenor Ukulele's and 1 guitar.  2 Ukes are my Chena Uke models the 3rd one is a new model shape tenor a  little bigger bottom, gots more air. The guitar is a hybred Gypsy design (seen in the previous blog)

The instrument bodies have a wash of shellac for color and a sealant....2 have a primary wood of Koa and spruce,,,,the other is a primary of  nicely figured Myrtle wood and spruce.

   Like most my instruments it will have a shouldered side sound port for the listening 
pleasure towards the musician, like a little speaker.......

   There still is much to do to these instruments, binding & purfling, inlay logo at headstock,
 fret the fingerboard, inlay in fingerboard, finish and set-up........
   I start the binding today.......g

Model/Classic 0 in RoseWood

Model/Classic 0 in RoseWood
three piece bk & sound port


A batch of various Bridges with Mammoth Ivory

E-Chena Uke (Electric)

E-Chena Uke      (Electric)

Recent Tenor Ukulele/sound Port

Recent Tenor Ukulele/sound Port
Model Chena Uke

Rosewood & Myrtlewood/Square neck Resophonic

Rosewood & Myrtlewood/Square neck Resophonic
Resonator lap-slide guit